Top Color Combinations Used For Websites

Striking Citrus Colors

This fresh and citrusy blend of light greenish-yellows, lime green and black is a favorite among brands related to high-adrenaline sports and energy drinks.

website color scheme 33

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Vivid Blues and Orange

The bright turquoise background and orange call-to-action button on this site may be a bit loud for some visitors, but the combination definitely conveys high-energy emotions, which go along with the image in the background.

website color scheme 34

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Rose Red and Blueberry

This range of pinks and reds with a bright blue call-to-action button creates plenty of visual interest and draws attention to itself immediately.

website color scheme 35

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 Audacious and Unique

This bold and unique combination of royal blue and gold, with vivid cyan highlights, captures the eye. Its unexpected and somewhat out-of-the-box thinking help make this website a winner.

website color scheme 36

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Cheerful and Energetic

The cyan, blues and oranges on this page make this a particularly inviting and energetic design that can be applied to projects with an optimistic and uplifting message.

website color scheme 37

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Snowy Yet Warm

This wintery red and blue combination evokes both coolness and warmth at the same time, similar to images related to the winter holidays.

website color scheme 38

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Rich and Colorful

This bright and rich color combination brings together a vivid yellow, blue and pink in this beautiful minimalist design, which can be used in lively yet professional projects.

website color scheme 39

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Modern and Minimalist

This site pulls off an attractive design with just a few elements and a well-chosen color scheme. Turkish rose, middle green and yellow geometric shapes over a black and gray background are enough to catch the viewer’s eye.

website color scheme 40

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Intrepid and Fearless

This effective color combination uses shades of blue and red to create a sense of boldness and ardent professionalism, ideal for designs looking to convey power and competence.

website color scheme 41

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 Flat Design Colors

Even if you’re not familiar with the term flat design, you’ve probably seen it before: Websites with no drop shadows, no gradients, no bevels; in short, no three-dimensional elements.

While the site above adds a bit of a shadow effect to the boy on the right, it would technically qualify as flat design 2.0, which is nothing more than the addition of a few very subtle three-dimensional effects.

As seen here, flat design colors tend to be very bright and super saturated.

website color scheme 42

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Eclectic and Peaceful

This unique combination of a coffee tone with sky blue and different shades of brown makes this a soothing and comforting color scheme: Something reminiscent of your favorite coffee house or lounge.

website color scheme 43

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Classy and Traditional

This combination of cameo pink, UCLA blue and and granite gray brings to mind the kind of attire used by well-to-do, preppy college students. Although this makes sense considering the site’s target audience, this scheme can also be used in any design looking for both seriousness and a bit of liveliness.

website color scheme 44

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Accent Colors That Pop

This Spotify site makes perfect use of a grape-colored accent against a very dark desaturated violet. This color scheme can be used for any design where you have a few elements or a central message you really want to pop.

website color scheme 45

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Corporate and Serious

Oxford blue with a few bright blue and red highlights make this a very traditional and corporate site. Blue and green, which convey professionalism and stability, are commonly used colors for corporate reports.

website color scheme 46

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Glamorous and Fashion-Forward

This blend of gold, purple and black bring to mind words such as wealth and extravagance. Accordingly, this combination can be applied to designs related to fashion, luxury and high-end products.

website color scheme 47

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Eye-Catching and Sleek

This beautiful combination of viridian green and telemagenta over a dark background creates heightened visual interest and draws the viewer in at first glance. Bold yet professional, this color combination, when used correctly, can even be applied to corporate designs.

website color scheme 48

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Loud and In-Your-Face

Whereas the previous color scheme was eye-catching–but not too bright–this combination is purposely loud, to the point that it might repel some viewers. When looking to make a bold statement, though, this combination may work well when done right, as in this case.

website color scheme 49

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 Lively Yet Soothing

This relaxing yet cheerful combination of lemon, yellow, mint and dark cyan make this an ideal color scheme for any message looking to convey energy, optimism and, at the same time, harmony and growth.

website color scheme 50

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