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Pigura Font

This is a soft and rounded serif typeface to be able to deliver retro vibes to the modern technology. Made from font fashion designer named joelmaker. It’s a serif font with an inventive contact for antique the in addition to a unique mixture of ligatures a letter, so that the authors compose it with a and little swirly embedding, so that a contemporary font is shaped and equipped to make a assertion by way of including fashionable and particular flair to your next layout venture.

By: joelmaker


Caorgen Font

Caorgen Serif Font is a present day vintage serif typeface created by way of zeenesia with stunning ligatures and multilingual assist with best kerning. Ideal if you need a dose of fun on your project. Best for editorial tasks, brand design, internet font, clothing branding, product packaging, mag headers, or truly as a fashionable textual content overlay to any history image.

By: zeenesia


Brumery Condensed Font

Brumery Condensed Serif Font is an fashionable and stylish show serif typeface inspired by means of Constantine the tremendous, a Roman emperor from 306 to 337ad. Perfect to be carried out to the alternative numerous formal paperwork which includes invites, labels, emblems, magazines, books, greeting / wedding ceremony playing cards, packaging, fashion, make up, stationery, novels, labels or any form of marketing reason.

By: Letterhend Studio


Gela Font

Gela Serif Font is a formidable unfashionable typeface with a whole lot of trade glyphs. Gela is an exploration of blended comparison tactics, seeking concord in range and embracing the discord of a playfully fluid attitude of strain.

By:  polytype


Kharkiv Tone Font

Kharkiv Tone Sans Serif Font is a rounded sans serif typeface with visual beauty, easy curves. A completely flexible font that works in both big and small sizes. This font is suitable for a huge kind of projects together with invitations, logos, branding, magazine, images, card, product packaging, mugs, quotes, poster, labels, signatures, and greater

By: Katya Drozd


Troy Font

Troy Serif Font is a serif font that takes a classic fashion. The fonts’ lowercase letters all take the form of small capitals. Especially the serif font – certainly referred to as Troy – is paying homage to inscriptional letterforms. This tip of the hat to the very origins of our Roman capital letters offers the typeface a right away feeling of ritual and solemnity. Troy Sans, whilst sharing Troy’s proportions, feels greater modern-day – although its letters might now not be out of vicinity on an inscription, both. Each of the fonts comprise several change letterforms. In Troy, a number of the change letters include a mystical feeling; in Troy Sans, the same alternates look almost medieval, especially ‘A’, ‘E’, ‘G’, ‘a’, ‘e’, and ‘g’. Different alternate characters are greater sober versions of the default letterforms: in their default kingdom, as an example, the ‘O’, ‘Q’, ‘o’, and ‘q’ each have a dot inner of their counters. The exchange versions of these letters are dotless. There are three variations of the ampersand in each font, too, as well as eighteen ligatures. Included among those are ligatures like ‘LI’ and ‘CO’, in which the second letter is cradled internal of the counter of the primary, in addition to doubled letters like ‘NN’, ‘OO’, and ‘TT’ that have been observed in ancient Roman inscriptions. The Troy fonts have been designed through Ilya Naumoff, a picture and typeface dressmaker in Paris.

By: indiantypefoundry


Editorial Old Font

Editorial old Serif Font is a piece of writing serif font. It’s a ‘sparkling’ take on one among our maximum famous classics EditorialNew. In an effort to understand EditorialOld we need to move returned to Editorial New’s idea for a second.

By:  Pangram Pangram


Bontang Font

That is a unfastened fashionable sans serif typeface that you may use in packaging or branding, developing stunning logos, headlines, charges and any other printed count. We are hoping that the font turns into your fantastic assistant within the layout of products.

By:  zuzulgo


Stacked Letter Font

Stacked Letter display Font is a excellent display typeface that stands proud from the gang with its outstanding layout elements. Stacked Letter was hand-drawn, making its outlines extremely abnormal and quirky. It has an almost hand-lettered look; the characters bounce around the baseline giving it a charming but urban look and experience. Stacked Letter suitables from posters designs to t-shirts and packaging, Stacked Letter will give your designs that alternative appearance and make your innovative paintings look awesome.

By:  PutraCetol Studio


Eminor Font

Eminor Sans Serif Font is a simple, condensed sans serif font own family created by using A.Budianto with a ambitious and complex personality. It is available in nine special weight and two patterns in Upright and Italic, from skinny to black weight so you can use them on your heart’s content material.

By: A.Budianto




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