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Magnat Font Family

Magnat Sans Serif Font is a contemporary geo-humanist sans-serif font supplying first rate legibility and sturdy character. This font own family is a contrasting sans drawing suggestion from designs from the early Twenties century and expands them into an fashionable and exclusive modern design. Playful factors consisting of the curvy ear on the lowercase g or the lengthy tail on the uppercase Q smash the strictness and upload individual. The combination of closed apertures with the contrasting strokes create an fashionable and exclusive standard appearance. The Magnat family is to be had in 36 weights inclusive of matching italics, divided into 3 subfamilies: Poster, Head and textual content. Every has been designed for its person range of text sizes. The Poster and Head styles with their tight spacing and costly shapes are made for impactful headlines and quick paragraphs, whereas the textual content weights are both a exceptional addition for small textual content sizes or, while set in massive sizes, flawlessly work as a sturdy standalone font with quite a few individual. Each font fashion is geared up with many opentype capabilities inclusive of exchange characters, one-of-a-kind wide variety units or case sensitive shapes making it a perfect preference for expert kind placing in branding, editorial or digital design.

Magnat Sans Serif Font

By: René Bieder


Olegos Font

Olegos show Font is a brand new Geometric font from best circles object for logos. This show font can be used for crafting posters, emblems, package deal designs and website headers. It comes with the the basic characters and glyphs most effective.

By: Wassim Awadallah


Qestero Font

Qestero Serif Font Is A cutting-edge show Font inspired via glossy and distinctive style. This typeface is perfect for an stylish & luxury emblem, ebook or film identify, fashion logo, magazine, garments, lettering, quotes and greater.

Qestero Serif Font

By: Pentagonistudio


Striated Font Family

Striated Sans Serif Font is a neo-grotesque sans serif show typeface stimulated by way of Swiss layout in the Sixties. It could be categorized as a mixture between a gruesome and Geometric typeface with a pinch of closely formalized factors.

Striated makes use of letterforms which might be regularly visible—and greater or much less registered—considering the start of the 19th century as a basis. Nevertheless, it is also really rooted within the experiments of the Bauhaus college of design and their pursuit to reduce letterforms to the utmost vital. These principals maintain permeating design practice today, however however futuristic the resulting shapes then can be, due to the heavy publicity to minimum shapes in the second half of of the 20 th century, carried by way of aspirations to conquer area, they often seem a chunk dusty from todays attitude.

By: Road to Venice Type


Geomanist Font Family

You do not need to spend a whole lot of time selecting or designing a custom font on your design task, i might suggest to you a font own family a good way to in shape all of your paintings. Introducing Geomanist Font family! Geomanist designed and shared by means of atipo ®. You may use for branding projects, labels, apparel layout, typography pieces and more, with help for maximum western languages.

Geomanist Font Family

By: atipo




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